Kitchen Layouts And The Work Triangle

When having a kitchen remodeled, it is crucial that the kitchen contractor has the kitchen layout very well planned out and a good sense of how the work triangle works. If the work triangle is not established in the kitchen then it will be a very difficult kitchen to work in. The point of this work triangle layout is to make it easier for the person in the kitchen to get from one place to another of the essential items. Therefore, kitchen contractors will strategically locate certain kitchen areas such as the sink, stove and refrigerator all into a triangular area so that one does not have to walk form one end of the kitchen to the other. This is also known as kitchen efficiency.

The work triangle is not necessarily a perfect 90 degree triangle but the work triangle does exits and it creates efficiency. One kitchen layout design that does not incorporate the work triangle is the corridor layout. This kitchen design is like a narrow hall which the homeowner has to walk back and forth down the hall to get his or her work done. In certain remodeling cases, the work triangle can still be achieved depending on the space that the kitchen contractor has to work with. Nevertheless there are tons of kitchen layout designs which do incorporate the work triangle well. The following is an extensive list of these kitchen layouts which you can use for your home:

Kitchen Layouts And The Work Triangle

Kitchen Layouts And The Work Triangle


  • L- Shaped Layout

  • U Shaped Layout

  • G Shaped Layout

  • Double L Shaped Layout

  • Single Wall Kitchen Layout

  • Galley Shaped Kitchen Layout or the Corridor Layout.

The most popular of these kitchen designs with the work triangle is the L shaped layout kitchen design. It is popular because it can be used in small and large kitchens alike consisting of a longer kitchen leg and a shorter kitchen leg to form the actual L shape.

If you are interested in hiring a kitchen contractor to create one of these kitchen layouts then it is advisable that you find someone who adheres to the National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines which ensure that you receive the best quality remodeling kitchen and bath jobs. Furthermore, your kitchen contractor should be evaluated as a Certified Kitchen Designer or what is commonly referred to as a CKD.

Choosing the correct kitchen remodeler with the right kitchen layout and work triangle, this can increase your kitchen efficiency.


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