The Ideal Accessory For The Modern Kitchen

Usually, the kitchen fixtures in a modern kitchen will have advanced designs and styles. Forward thinking homeowners are usually the ones who patronize such innovative products and ideas.

If you are an avant-garde homeowner, you probably have a modern kitchen set-up. The ideal kitchen sinks that will complement your modern countertops are black kitchen sinks. These types of sinks are very modern, elegant, classy and stylish. They exude so much elegance that many modern homes in the United States have them in their kitchen. It will give your kitchen a touch of royalty if you will have them in your countertop.

Various Types

A majority of the black kitchen sinks sold in the market is made of granite and quartz. But some sink manufacturers have also used porcelain enamel, ceramic, cast iron and acrylic in making them. As in all types of kitchen sinks, you can also buy them in single bowl, double bowls and in different sizes. Most of them are rectangular in shape but you can specify rounded corners and other shapes that you may require. Most of these sinks are also equipped with the standard holes for the sink faucets.

The Ideal Accessory For The Modern Kitchen

The Ideal Accessory For The Modern Kitchen

How Are They Made

There are different processes involved in making the different types of black kitchen sinks. The basic method by which each type is produced is as follows:

  1. Black kitchen sinks made of granite are carved out of a single piece of granite or assembled from several smaller granite pieces.
  2. Quartz sinks are made by combining crushed crustal quartz with polyresin filler and adding black color pigments. This mixture is then poured into a mold and cured and processed in a kiln or a furnace.
  3. The process of making porcelain enamel, ceramic and acrylic black sinks is somehow similar to the process of making quartz sinks.
  4. Cast iron is made by pouring molten iron into a mold and then painting or glazing it with black coloring pigment.

What Are The Advantages?

Here are some of the advantages of using black kitchen sinks:

  • One major advantage is their elegant look and style. The sight of a black kitchen sink is enough to elevate your kitchen to a ritzy level.
  • Another major advantage is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Since their surfaces are smooth, it will be difficult for dirt and grime to accumulate on their surfaces.
  • Stains are not a problem with black kitchen sinks. Stains are very noticeable in light colored sinks but not in sinks with dark or black shades.
  • Black color can harmonize with any color scheme.
  • These sinks have a long service life so you will enjoy using them for years to come.
  • They will resist heat from your hot pots and pans since they are heat treated.

Drawbacks In Using Black Kitchen Sinks

There are also disadvantages of using black sinks for the kitchen. Following are some of them.

  • Calcium Stains – these types of stains are more noticeable in black sinks since their surfaces are darker than most ordinary sinks. These calcium deposits are predominantly colored white therefore they will stick out in the black surface of black sinks resulting in a dirty image.
  • When black sinks which are painted and glazed are scratched and chipped, the glazed covering will break off and the original color of the material will be exposed. If the sink is made of white porcelain, the white color will be very noticeable. The sink surface will look unattractive.
  • Dirty food remnants – most of the food prepared in the kitchen have colors other than black. Therefore, if they remain on the sink, their colors will be contrasted with the black color of the sink. These colors will stand-out as dirt and grime on the sink surface.

Care and Maintenance

Considering the special color of black kitchen sinks, you need to practice proper care in order that you can prolong their service life. Caring for them daily is not so hard a task. You need only to be consistent in your care and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Always wipe out clean all dirt and grime after every use.
  • One you see dirt and food remnants on the sink, wipe them clean right away.  Don’t let food remnants and dirt stay too long in the sinks.
  • After you’ve been through using the sink for the day, wipe it dry. This will prevent calcium deposits (from your tap water) from leaving unsightly stains on the sink surfaces.
  • When cleaning dirt and grime, use only mild dishwashing liquid or white vinegar mixed with warm water. Don’t use bleaches and cleaning agents with harsh chemicals. They may ruin the glaze covering of your ceramic, porcelain and cast iron black sinks.
  • Use only soft, non-abrasive cloth so as not to leave accidental scratches on the surface. Never use scouring pads or cleaning brushes with hard bristles.

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