What You Need To Know About Corner Kitchen Sinks

For those who have very limited kitchen spaces, corner kitchen sinks might be more practical than the standard kitchen sinks. These types of sinks can fit into an L-shaped kitchen and smaller kitchens. They provide the cook easy access and more movable room space. These corner sinks can also be used in a larger kitchen where it would be out of the way of the normal kitchen activity, yet provide a definite helpful function. For instance, if there is a tendency for dishes to accumulate in the sink, better to put them in a corner sink where they are not that visible in the room.You can also compare with farmhouse kitchen sinks ideas.

These types of sinks definitely fulfill a helpful function whether your kitchen is small or large. The corner sink will make a small L-shaped kitchen look larger besides helping to normalize kitchen activities in an otherwise small kitchen. In larger kitchens, corner sinks will make them look stylish because the clatter of dishes is tucked away into a far-away corner. There is a wide variety of styles and types of materials for corner kitchen sinks available today. Whatever your preference and overall décor of your kitchen, you can surely find a corner kitchen sink that will fit your bill.

What You Need To Know About Corner Kitchen Sinks

What You Need To Know About Corner Kitchen Sinks

Designs and Styles of Corner Kitchen Sinks

Following are some of the popular designs and styles of corner kitchen sinks:

  • Double Basin Square sinks – among the most popular of corner sinks. These sinks are good for saving room space and great for L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens.
  • Double Basin Rectangular sinks – also a popular design.
  • Semi-circular (D-Shaped) sinks
  • Oval-shaped sinks
  • Under-mount – where the sink is mounted underneath the countertop. This is the most common installation of corner sinks.
  • Countertop-mount – where the corner sink is mounted at the top of the counter, also called a drop-in sink.

Material Options

Corner sinks are made of different materials. Some of the popular materials are the following:

  • Stainless steel – the most popular material for sinks since it is clean and durable
  • Copper – another metal sink with a unique color
  • Porcelain or Ceramic – with very smooth surface and more affordable than other materials.
  • Granite – the most elegant but also the most expensive
  • Others – composite, solid-surface, etc. – completely man-made, can be made according to the specifications of the homeowner.

The Benefits of Having Corner Kitchen Sinks

Here are some of the advantages of installing corner sinks in your kitchen:

  • If you have a small kitchen, corner sinks will help you maximize the use of your limited kitchen space.
  • Corner sinks are the best kitchen sinks for L-shaped an U-shaped kitchens. It makes for an efficient sink functions for such kitchen room design.
  • The person washing the dishes will be able to continue with his duties without being disturbed. Contrast this with a small sink at the center of the kitchen, where the dishwasher needs to move aside whenever another person is passing his way.
  • It is not only good for small kitchens, but for bigger kitchens as well because there is a corner sink where the pile of dirty dishes can be carted away out of sight.
  • The homeowner has many options in styles, designs, color and materials.

The Best Types of Corner Kitchen Sinks

Below are some of the best corner sinks that is being sold in the market today.

  • Elkay Dayton Elite Stainless Steel Top Mount Corner Sink – made of stainless steel gauge 20, equipped with 3 or 4 holes. This sink is very easy to install, and functions flawlessly in the kitchen.
  • Houzer Legend Top Mount Corner Bowl Stainless Steel Sink – made of #304 stainless steel; very low maintenance since it is resistant to stains, bacteria and corrosion.
  • Kindred-2-Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink – a self-rimming stainless steel corner sink that has a mirror finish. This sink is 8 inches deep and installed using standard installation sink mounting system.
  • Whittington Corner Double Well Drop-In Copper Sink – this is a thick 16 gauge copper which makes it more expensive than other corner sinks. It is hand-polished to give it a luxurious image. There are two holes in this corner sink – one for a vegetable sprayer (or for other functions) and the main hole for a faucet. It is rounded on the inside making it very easy to clean and maintain. The bottom is also angled to facilitate the draining of water.
  • Kindred Granite Series Top Mount Corner Double Bowl – this is an innovative design featuring quartz crystals fused with acrylic resin. This corner sink is therefore excellent in terms of strength and durability because it is as hard as a rock. It is highly resistant to chipping, cracking, staining and heat. Cleaning and maintenance is also very easy owing to the smoothness of the surface. A hole is included for the main faucet, but can also be equipped with another hole for an additional fixture.

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